Roofer in Amsterdam

Seeking for an allround roofer in Amsterdam? This is the place to be. Welcome! We are specialised in all roof problems, such as:

  • roof repairing
  • roof maintenance
  • roof leakage
  • roof replacement

Read more information about our work and how we can help you below. Do you have another question or do you want to make an appointment? Give us a call on 020 - 213 60 06.

More about us

Our roofer in Amsterdam is certified and has a lot of experience in both flat roofs and slanted roofs. By keeping track and implementing the newest roofing developments we make sure we always provide the best roofing services in the region. Before we can give you a good indication of the costs usually we come to visit you to check the state of your roof and discuss the possibilities. Together we will figure out a reasonable price.

Roof leakage

When you discover a roof leakage in your house it is important call our roofer in Amsterdam as soon as possible. Our roofer will be able to come quickly to fix your roof and rule out further damage to your house as a result of the leakage. Depending on the cause of the leakage, your insurance might compensate for the costs you make. Contact them to make sure.

Roof repair

We are there to help you with your broken roof. Our roofer in Amsterdam repairs your gutter, renews your roofing system or replaces the roof tiles. We know best how horrible it is to have to deal with a broken roof. That is why we are determined to fix you roof. We always make sure your roof is working properly. We are available for calls or messages in case you have a question or want to make an appointments for roof repair.

Roof isolation

Isolating your roof is very economic but also provides comfort and possibly an extra habitable space in your house. Uncertain that your roof is suitable for roof insulation? Do not worry! Our roofer in Amsterdam isolates all type of roofs. Which type of roof isolation is best? This depends on your wishes, your type of roof and your budget. We will inform you and make sure you choose the isolation that fits you.

Contact our roofer in Amsterdam

Your roof troubles are no trouble for us. We make sure to leave you worry-free. Step one is to work with the best materials. Our experience and knowledge do the rest. Don’t hesitate to call us or mail us. Call us on phone number 020 - 213 60 06 or mail us via our contactform.