Roofer in Amsterdam?

Do you live in Amsterdam or in the surrounding area and do you need a roofer to fix a leaking roof, blown off tiles or weather-beaten roofing? A roofer will fix any thinkable roofing problem. As a qualified professional we work with specialized tools and are well acquainted with modern techniques. Today, roofs are usually made of an asphalt/fiberglass combination or wood shingles. Some small, flat roofs are done with tar, while rubber is quickly becoming another easy roofing option. No matter what material is used on your roof, we know exactly how to treat it. Excellent results guaranteed!

24 hour emergency roofer

Whether it’s sunday morning or late at night, you can reach our roofer in Amsterdam at any time. We understand that some problems have to be fixed immediately, that’s why you can call us day and night, 365 days a year. When you call us, we’ll send help immediately. All our roofers are qualified and have lots of experience with roofing tasks. Do you need us to isolate an attic, restore shingles or tiles or locate a leak? You can count on our roofer 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. We’ll do all we can to help!